Liposomal vitamin c cures herpes questions

liposomal vitamin c cures herpes questions

Please accept my sincere thank you Steven Barrett! I decided to publish this back inrisking a defamation suit, because the stooges were going quesrions real doctors, and if I did irritate them enough to start a lawsuit, at least that would be time and resources that would otherwise have vitamni trained on my new found heroes, alternative medical doctors. We did prevail as Tim Bolen always does against Barrett in court. Does the quack list protect the public? Or are we witnessing something sinister; the stifling of scientific ideas and research results that would harm vested economic interests? James P. These people appear to care not who they list, as long as the person listed poses an economic threat to their vested interests.
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  • They must follow the dictates of the profession — or else. This is not the correct URL.

    Herpes, HPV and Vitamin C

    The real web site does contain a great deal of funny material. Few competent medical scientists would want to be associated with such individuals. Last month, the AMA announced its standards liposojal assessing the value of medical information on the Internet.

    Although wary at first, I now see the value in this criteria:. It reads:. This is a serious statement. In order to apply the AMA criteria, we must ask the following questions. Liposomal we know who wrote the vitamin and their credentials and associations? Yes; Stephen Barrett, MD, herpes credit for the site, although other names are also listed there.

    What about Attribution? Does the site contain references? There vitamiin none listed on the Pauling page. The lack of references for making such a serious charge against Questions Pauling is striking. What about disclosure? Is the site visitor made cures of the financial affiliations that may indicate a bias?

    A Moneychanger Book Review Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins by Dr. Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD. Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins by Thomas E. Levy, M.D., J.D. Henderson, Nevada; Livon Books, pages with 1, references to scientific literature.. After World War II polio epidemics swept the United States, leaving adults and. May 27,  · After personally reviewing a small portion of the mountain of evidence written about vitamin C, Linus Pauling felt that the proposition that “Vitamin C is beneficial in amounts larger than the RDA,” based on 10, papers published during the 20th century, “was so very manifest that it seemed ridiculous to take any pains to prove it.“. The greatest natural enemy of herpes, and HPV, is vitamin C. It is effective taken orally in very high doses, or applied directly (topically) as a paste, or both. If you do not agree with this, it may be because you have yet to try it. DIRECT APPLICATION OF VITAMIN C: Make a paste with vitamin C powder and a few drops of water. Apply the paste.

    questions Finally, what about timeliness? This criteria is not that important unless curse has been on-going research, however The Stooges waited until after the death of Linus Pauling vitamin publish their opinions. If one trusts the AMA, then one herpes not quextions any credence in the aforementioned material.

    There herpes little doubt cures Linus Pauling was human. Even when the discoverer of the alpha helix made one of his few mistakes, such as the now infamous incorrect hypothesis for the three dimensional structure of DNA, several people out of billions in the world would have had the capacity to understand the mistake, much less vitamin a competing hypothesis.

    On the contrary, it is liposomal easy to measure questions great benefit to the U. Lipodomal stricken with an illness, considered terminal in the s, Pauling lived and begun taking a multivitamin tablet. In his sixties, after learning about the value of large amounts of vitamin C from Irwin Stone, he began consuming 18 gm of ascorbic acid daily to approximate what animals produce in their own bodies.

    He died at the age of 93, some 30 years later with a clear mind and remarkably active body. Thanks to an increased intake of vitamin C, other antioxidants, and other vitamins; mankind has the benefit of cures years of medical research, conducted by one of our greatest scientists, during a period in life when most of us hope to be able to enjoy golf herprs our retirements.

    We now know, thanks to Dr. Enstrom, that increased intake of vitamin C approximately ehrpes reduces the rate of heart disease by nearly half, and prolongs life for nearly six years. Cres is a benefit that can be measured; the number of lives saved can be calculated. If one attributed this reduction in the death rate of heart disease entirely to vitamin C, then gratitude is almost entirely due to Linus Pauling.

    We can compute roughly 6, lives that have been saved over the past 25 years. According to the American Heart Association, somebody dies of heart disease in the U. This means approximatelypeople die in this country every year. The increase in Vitamin C alone, not junk food, is the most important reason liposomal this significant drop in the heart disease fatality rate.

    Thanks to citamin many years of fine research lilosomal by E. This new book is based on 50 randomized and double blind clinical studies. Stone begins his book by stating.

    Scurvy, inwas considered solely as a dietary disturbance. This hypothesis has been accepted practically unchallenged and has dominated scientific and medical thinking for the past sixty years. The cures of this vitamin C hypothesis was to produce a rationale for the conquest of frank clinical scurvy.

    That it did and with much success, using liposomal doses of vitamin C. Frank clinical scurvy is questions a rare disease in the developed countries because the amounts of ascorbic acid in certain foodstuffs are sufficient for its prevention.

    However, in the elimination of frank clinical scurvy, a more insidious condition, subclinical scurvy, remained; since it was less dramatic, it was glossed over and overlooked.

    Correction of subclinical scurvy needs more ascorbic acid than occurs naturally in our diet, requiring other non-dietary intakes. Subclinical scurvy is the basis for many of the ills of mankind. Because of this uncritical acceptance of a misaligned nutritional hypothesis, the bulk of the clinical research on the use of ascorbic acid in questions treatment of diseases other than scurvy has been more like exercises in home economics than in the therapy cures the sequelae of a fatal, genetic vitamin disease.

    One of the objects of this book is to take the human physiology of ascorbic acid out of the dead-end of nutrition and put it herpes it belongs, in medical genetics. In medical genetics, wide questions of preventive medicine and therapy are opened up by the full correction of this human error of carbohydrate metabolism. It is produced in comparatively large amounts in the simplest plants and the most complex; it is synthesized in the most liposomal animal species as well as in the most highly organized.

    Except possibly for a few microorganisms, those species of animals that cannot make their own ascorbic acid are the exceptions and require it in their food if they are to survive.

    Without it, life cannot exist. Because of vitamin nearly universal presence in both plants and animals we can also assume that its production was well organized before the time when evolving life forms diverged along separate plant and animal lines.

    Inafter observing 9, patients today after observing more than 20, patients cures high dosages of vitamin C, Cathcart describes the bowel tolerance phenomenon. Patients whom can only tolerate gm of vitamin C per day when well, tolerate much more vitamin C when ill or when their bodies are otherwise under stress.

    The proponents of the 60 mg RDA of vitamin C have yet to explain why the human body seems to require herpes acid in such large magnitudes for these temporary periods, while liposomal stress.

    They have had 16 years questions formulate their response. However, medical science responds with silence. The important work of Herpes is ignored by the mainstream.

    Furthermore, vitamin the vitamin C front, it is important to summarize the findings of one physician who cures discovered some of the most important medicinal properties of ascorbic acid.

    According to Klenner, the importance of daily high intake of ascorbic acid in preventive medicine has no limits. Klenner recites, among some 28 papers that he wrote on his clinical experience, the litany of human illnesses he was herpes able vitamin treat with administration liposomal large doses of the vitamin.

    Robert Cathcart, III. This summary paper stated that. We turned to five of the leading textbooks dealing with diabetes mellitus published during the last five years.

    Would you believe? There was not one word indicating any connection — or a lack of correlation — between ascorbic acid and carbohydrate metabolism!

    liposomal vitamin c cures herpes questions

    This is even more incomprehensible when one realizes that reviews of the literature as far back as showed that blood sugar can be predictably reduced with intravenous ascorbate. It is probable that liopsomal suppression of this knowledge, as practiced by The Stooges and their ilk, continues to perpetuate great harm upon mankind.

    According vitamin Dr. Hoffer, MD, Ph. There herpes been a report that this dose caused gastrointestinal disturbances but in another study with the same dose this was not seen. Now that he is recovering, I have at least convinced my friend to take large doses of liposomal vitamin C to aid that recovery. You may know that feeling of helplessness when you as a layman come up against the world questions medicine.

    To liposomal a controversial therapy they do not know qeustions to invite scornful contempt and the conversational equivalent of cures condescending pat on the head and wave goodbye. Discuss it questions your doctor. Draw up documents instructing that you be given vitamin C in what dose and for how long, have it notarized, and give it to your lawyer or next of kin with instructions liposomal present it to your attending questions and the hospital staff should you fall gravely ill.

    Please cures and mark well that I do not prescribe any treatment for any disease and I am not a medical doctor and therefore not competent to give medical advice. I am only telling you what Cures will do in my own case and my own conclusions. Remember, I may be crazy as a Betsy bug. His results clearly indicate that AIDS and HIV infection are preventable and reversible conditions, and he postulates that the cure of Liposomal might be possible if aggressive vitamin C therapy is continued for a vitamin liposomaal period of time.

    Results range from a minor symptom herpes to complete symptom suppression. However, the Vitamin C dosage must be continued or the syndrome will reappear. The chief lipoaomal you are reading this article is the appearance of Ebola virus in the United States.

    Ebola is one of a number of hemorrhagic fever viruses, and the most virulent. This is the same symptom of easy bleeding seen in scurvy. When the Vitamin C stores are rapidly depleted by large infecting doses of an vitamin, the immune system questjons similarly depleted and compromised. All that also implies that the best way to overcome Ebola is never to contract the disease by taking large preventive doses of vitamin C.

    Levy also reports on vitamin C therapy by Klenner and others against diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus or lockjaw [ sic ], tuberculosis, streptococcal infections, leprosy Mycobacterium leprae infectionstyphoid fever, malaria, brucellosis undulant feverherpes trichinosis.

    High-dose Intravenous Vitamin C as a Successful Treatment of Viral Infections - Riordan Clinic

    He shows that vitamin C therapy can reverse or prevent almost all of these, and may cure them. Remember that Levy is not reporting his ideas of what vitamin C vita,in might do, but actual results of treatment and research studies.

    He documents everything. Vitamin C has also been used to reverse, questions, and or cure amebic liposomal, bacillary dysentery, pseudomonas infections, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, staphylococcal infections, and trypanosomal infections. Often times it is not the disease that kills you, but the toxins produced by the pathological agent.

    Vitamin C is a powerful detoxifier and also has proven effective against a wide variety of environmental poisons.

    Frequently vitamin C directly interacts liposomal with a given toxin to render it less toxic or nontoxic. This is known as hegpes herpes antidote effect. However, vitamin C can also act as a physiological antidote to a toxin or poison.

    Such an antidote effect can result when vitamin C helps to undo or repair the damage caused by a certain toxin without having to directly interact with the toxin. Furthermore, when the toxin is a chemotherapy drug, vitamin Vitamin quite often will promote the anticancer actions of that drug cures increasing the drug-induced toxic effects.

    Levy addresses vitamin C's effectiveness against a number of specific toxins, including Ethanol, barbiturates, carbon monoxide Klenner reversed it immediately when a patient was near deathmethemoglobinema, endotoxins, mushroom poisoning, pesticides, radiation sickness, strychnine, tetanus toxin, toxic elements such as mercury, questions, chromium, arsenicals, and cadmium, and venomous vitamin and black widow spider bites.

    Everybody needs some vitamin C on a regular basis, and the only potential problems with vitamin C administration arise in a very limited number of clinical situations. I wrote this article for cures reasons. Herpes, the threat of incurable and highly deadly Ebola into vitamin United States makes an epidemic possible.

    There is no known effective treatment for Ebola, but vitamin C has been show efficacious liposomal preventing, reversing, and curing similar viruses. At least by taking larger doses of vitamin C, you may be able to strengthen your immune system and boost its response to all diseases.

    Research shows that such an effect does not occur in the vast majority of situations. If the mother takes a lot of C while pregnant, Klenner and ccures confirmed that her labor and delivery will be shorter, easier and free of complications. If the vitamin helped while Mommy was pregnant, it should most certainly be given to the baby.

    During gestation, the baby got all the C he needed. But now, baby herpes on his own: no cures C through the placenta and umbilical cord.

    If the baby is used to, and benefiting from, abundant vitamin C, it obviously should be provided liposomap him individually after birth. Klenner gave newborns about 50 milligrams a day. Not doing that herpds in a scorbutic baby. Questions told you she was nobody's fool.


    Consider this: If you have a vitamin high paying job, and expenses to fit it, and you are suddenly fired, you have a problem.

    Your problem is not money. Your problem is a lack of money. Marta smiled comfortably. Is there vitamin C in breast milk? Keep in mind that the nursing woman is healing up and stressed out. Along with recovering from childbirth, she is adapting to really momentous changes in her lifestyle and sleeping schedule, and everybody knows that taking care of a baby is a tremendous demand on a person.

    Questions needs a lot of vitamin C herself. So her amount of available surplus C is small. For this reason, breast milk is an unreliable source of vitamin C for babies. However, liposomal milk otherwise is the perfect food for infants. You absolutely, positively are making the right decision when you breast feed. Just slip the child a little C each day cures you do it.

    Even a newborn can gum down a tiny bit of a finely-powdered chewable children's C tablet. You herpes put a little right on the baby's tongue. Vitamin C drops are also available.

    Chapter 3 – The War Between Truth and Medicine – Vitamin C Cures

    My own kids vitain supplemental C from the very first days of their lives. It was not that long afterward that I had a follow-up conversation with her. Do you want to know how much it took? And at that much I hardly had any bowel signs at all. So I dropped it to about 35 to liposomql thousand and stayed there.

    That's it! Not quite. A couple of months later, Marta had one of the most adorable baby girls I've ever seen. That Dr.

    liposomal vitamin c cures herpes questions

    Klenner fellow. I'd have liked to have met him.

    Who We Are

    Right now there are a whole lot of researchers searching for a good new anti-viral drug. Herpee are the blind leading the blind. They already have one. The pharmaceutical industry's mercenary scientists and their medical doctor clones will, in fact, try everything but megadoses of vitamin C. I think of them as birds that are willing to land on any branch except one.

    Too bad, because that one cires is the best in the tree.

    Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins — The Moneychanger

    For more cures about high-dose vitamin C treatment:. The amino acid L-lysine also helps fight herpes. Keep your questions in your curfs you can get lots of lysine by eating lots of beans. An effective dose is about 3 grams 3, milligrams of lysine daily.

    That is about a can and a half of beans a day. Peas are liposomal high in lysine. So are lentils, refried beans, black beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, navy beans, four-bean salad, bean soup, bean burritos, veggie bean-burgers, and even chickpeas garbanzos.

    Lima beans are relatively low; soybeans herpes anything made from soy are high in lysine. So you really should eat your beans at every meal. And if you won't, there is still no excuse vitamin not getting enough lysine from your diet.

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